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Brittney M.

Park La Brea, CA 7/15/2020

“This review saved my life. Sylvia and Dr khan are the absolute best and they truly care about their students. Dr khan does not just teach nursing he explains in a way that makes things easy to process. In nursing school I never had any teacher except for him who thoroughly helped you understand. If you want to pass NCLEX, Need to do skills work, PALS, ACLS, BCLS, See KSK Training they will provide you with what you need. With hard work and determination and the help of KSK training I passed my NCLEX after several years of giving nursing a break. Thank you DR Khan and Sylvia you guys are our true Heroes and they truly care believe me!”

Aimer G.

Bellflower, CA 8/9/2020

“I came here to attend my IV and blood withdrawal Certification Class. Ms. Slyvia was kind and helpful on assisting the requirements needed through the completion of the class. DR. KHAN was very knowledgeable and patient with each and every one in the class he makes sure you able to understand each procedure and perform it safely. So far I had a great experience completing the program! Great work and highly recommended!”

Camella L.

Palos Verdes Estates, CA 7/16/2019


“I just want to start by expressing an unbelievable amount of thanks and gratitude to Dr. Khan and Ms. Sylvia. It was both a blessing and honor to sit in Dr. Khan’s class and attain so much knowledge during my nclex review. From the first day of class and to my last I learned so much in the 3 months of review than I did in my actual 4 years of college.

Dr. Khan loves what he does and it reflects on how he teaches. He teaches as if you’re the only one in class. He is on point, witty and very knowledgeable when it comes to the nclex course and every course that KSK offers. KSK 100% caters to all individuals and it doesn’t matter where you stand in your upcoming exam or nursing career ( first taker, new grad, or a person who failed multiple times before ) Ms. Sylvia and Dr. Khan will guide you on your study habits and resources.

I failed the NCLEX twice before and finally through the recommendation of my Aunt and other people I decided to take the class with Dr Khan. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. Ms. Sylvia was there to encourage me from the very beginning and gave me the confidence that I will make it this time and Dr. Khan is just the most amazing professor anyone can ask for. I was always early and excited to come to class because everything that Dr. Khan teaches in class is so vital that you just can’t miss it!

I took my exam on July 8,2019 and found out two days later that I passed the NCLEX exam with 75 questions and this time around it felt easy to me because I was prepared and equipped with the knowledge that I learned from Dr. Khan’s class.All of the 75 questions was familiar to me and the whole time I could hear Dr. Khan say “stick with what you know”.I wouldn’t have been able to breeze through my exam without KSK and the support from my family.

My advise to those who are going to take the NCLEX-RN…. KEEP CALM AND JOIN KSK! There’s no other course like it. Dr. Khan and Ms. Sylvia are so sincere in what they do. They take good care of their students and will continue to guide you until you pass your exam. Dr. Khan and Ms. Sylvia will happily answer your questions and they absolutely take their time in giving you a very structured advise that will suit your needs.

Lastly….. a never ending amount of thanks and gratitude to Dr. Khan and Ms. Sylvia.

KSK is a gem and we’re so lucky that such course is available to cater our individual needs and schedule.”

B M.

Inglewood, CA 8/4/2019

“I had the pleasure of attending a ECG/Pharm/ACLS class . Dr. Khan made the class more enjoyable than I anticipated and the way he presented the material , made retaining the information easier. I felt I really got my money’s worth with this class and overall experience

Ms. Sylvia is very sweet and totally excels at providing excellent customer service . I look forward to returning to take the NCLEX review class .”

Catherine L.

Bellflower, CA 8/18/2019

“This is review is waaay long overdue. KSK was the beacon of hope that I needed! A classmate of mine recommended KSK a while back. Due to cost and time, I decided to try a shorter, cheaper review. Boy, was I wrong in wasting my time and money! You cannot cut corners and spend 3 days in reviewing what you learned from the 2 years of Nursing Program!

After some time, I needed to find my motivation again. I decided to bite the bullet and join KSK. This was the BEST investment I have ever made for myself. The review book Dr. Khan uses is very simple, but he expands in detail on what you need to know to pass the NCLEX. I learned much more from him than I ever did during Nursing School!

From time to time, he would ask some mock review questions at the end of class. He observes how well student answers these questions. He can tell based on that if you will pass the NCLEX on the next round. After all, he did predict that I would pass on the next time, which I did!

I have referred numerous nursing students/graduates to KSK, and each person has thanked me. I have no one else to thank but Dr. Khan and Ms. Sylvia. This review was worth every minute and every single penny. If I could do it all over again, I wouldn’t waste any more time and money elsewhere. I would go straight to KSK.

My advice to future students: write everything down as you listen to Dr. Khan. If you need him to repeat something, ASK him to! If tells you to highlight something or put a “special star” next to it, then do it! It means something! Make sure you review your notes after class. Bring questions to the next class if you don’t understand something. Dr. Khan recommends that you sign up for a Uworld subscription and answer those questions for practice. Even if you are a busy person, you can at least answer 10 questions a night. Be sure to review the rationales, regardless if you got the question correctly or not, That rationale might help you with another question later on. I made time and effort to make this happen. I was working full time, and I have a family. I hope this review helps, and I will always be forever grateful to KSK!”

Rickea E.

Harbor City, Harbor City, CA 12/4/2019

D’Anna E. LVN

“I attended KSK for IV and Bloodwithdrawal training in which i wouldn’t have rather taking it anywhere else.Very good people, up to date equipment overall awesome.They make you feel comfortable in which that is the best way to learn. I highly recommend.”

Elijah M.

Torrance, CA 9/21/2018

“Just completed my PALS certification at this location. Dr. Kahn was very knowledgeable and thorough in teaching this course. I left understanding all of the material. Any questions we had, he was able to answer. He did a really good job of making sure that everyone was on the same page and keeping up with whatever he was going over before going over new content.

The facility also has a lab room where you can practice compressions, IO’s, epi administration, among many other things. He gave us enough time to make sure everyone had a chance to familiarize themselves with everything. He also offered to open up the room again at the end of the class for anyone who wanted to stay longer and practice more.

Overall, it was a great experience. I left feeling knowledgeable and extremely satisfied with the course. I am definitely coming back to this place for renewal of my other certifications when the time comes. I highly recommend coming here!”

Vicente M.

South Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA 2/5/2019

“Enrolling and taking the N-CLEX Review was by far the best investment I could have ever made towards preparing me for the hardest test of my life. Dr. Khan to say the least is a diamond in the rough. I never imagined that 3 months of review would have resulted in boosting my confidence in believing I could do it around the holiday season. Before I knew it, 75 questions in I was done. Could not have done it without the review or Dr. Khan’s detailed explanation on the many systems of the body. I owe Dr. Khan and the lovely Sylvia everything. KSK is definitely the place for any individual who is seeking the tools towards obtaining their RN license, BLS, ACLS, PALS, ECG and Pharm and etc… not to mention how encouraged/motivated I was to have previous N-CLEX review participants return to KSK to share them passing the N-CLEX review after taking Dr. Khans course.”

Joe T.

Northridge, Los Angeles, CA 7/30/2018

“KSK is in all honesty, the BEST place to go hands down, whether you need to get your AHA certifications such as BLS, ACLS, PALS, ECG, Pharmacology etc.

KSK Training is also the absolute best NCLEX prep course out there. People come from other states who have failed NCLEX multiple times after taking numerous other “NCLEX preps” and feel disheartened, yet after having completed the course that KSK offers which is taught by Dr. Khan, they are able to confidently ace NCLEX and begin their nursing careers. Some students have graduated many, many years ago and have not yet taken NCLEX yet due to an assortment of reasons, and felt like they had forgotten all the stuff they learned in nursing school and that they may as well give up and forget about their dream of working as a nurse. DON’T GIVE UP! Call KSK and schedule your course and I assure you it will be one of the best decisions you have ever made.

Dr. Khan and Sylvia are angels. Some instructors who teach the same thing year after year lose their passion and “teach” in a very dull and uninterested manner, but NOT Dr. Khan. His passion for teaching, and his immense knowledge is evident as soon as you hear him begin to speak and teach. He is encouraging and presents material in a way that everyone can understand, and more importantly he does it in a way where you can remember what you have heard and learned!

I implore anyone who wants to pass NCLEX or update their skills in IV certifications, or any other certifications such as Certified Emergency Nursing (CEN) etc to give them a call. Calling KSK and taking their NCLEX course and other certification classes are what led me to the life I have today, working proudly as a nurse!”

Emily Z.

El Monte, CA 3/10/2019

“I just finished my IV certification and blood withdrawal with a nice group of nurses. Even it’s 30mile away from my home, it’s worth it. Dr. Kahn is so nice and knowledgeable. I love this place. Definitely I will recommend KSK to my classmates and friends. Thank you!”

Jennifer H.

Sylmar, CA 9/15/2019

“Dr. Khan is phenomenal! Great instructor and extremely knowledgeable. If you need certification or re-cert. definitely recommend this place!”

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