I took the ECG/pharm class here. I am a new grad RN and taught myself rhythms from textbooks, but I struggled with identifying ischemic/infarct location by lead. Dr. Khan explained it very clearly in less than 30 min. My lightbulb moment of the day! He offers a positive learning environment with lots of good advice. I highly recommend using KSK Training Center to help solidify your knowledge base.

– Scotty B.

I found this organization on YELP. I just left and I feel so motivated as an RN. Why? Dr. Khan is an amazing educator. He is very clear and competent in his knowledge. I was engaged the whole class! 10a -6pm, seriously guys. I was motivated because I learned what I needed and more. I already knew I wanted to be a competent and skilled nurse, but hearing this guy deliver made me want to always stay on top of my game and be a lifelong learner. I want to deliver quality customer care and better patient outcomes. You can tell he enjoys what he does and that makes a difference when sitting as a student.

I am soooooo glad I found this place. I will definitely be back. Sylvia plays an important role in this organization. She is the one who squeezed me into the course last minute. She demonstrated quality customer service, patient, and was very attentive. I feel great about the money I invested. Again, I left here wanting to be better in my career. Thank you KSK, please go see for yourself people.

– Char B.

Best training center ever!

I literally live in Texas, and fly to get all my recertification classes done here! Yes, believe it!

Affordable prices and convenient hours and location. Clean facilities with modern training equipment and scenarios. Dr. Khan is phenomenal – his experience and ability to communicate the material makes what you learn memorable. Sylvia runs a smooth business and is at the top of her game. Great customer service!

Would highly recommend KSK for your training needs!

– Dave J.

I took the EKG/Pharm class and it was awesome! Dr. Khan was very knowledgeable and he made ECGs and 12 leads easy to understand! Sylvia was also really nice and answered my questions before signing up for the class. They also ordered pizza for our lunch! I will most likely be coming back to get my recertifications here! The facility is very clean and there is a good amount of parking.

– Angie A.

I came here for the very affordably priced ACLS/ECG/Pharm combination and left really satisfied with the class. They also offer a group discount if you want to get people together from your school or work. Dr. Khan really emphasized all the important points that you need to take away from the class. There are snacks and drinks provided at the training center which is awesome, and on top of that Dr. Khan & Sylvia ordered pizza for lunch so you definitely don’t have to worry about starving during the 8-hour combo class. Also we got out earlier than the stated 6pm end time, which is great. Once you’ve taken a class here, you are more than welcome to come back and sit in on that class for free whenever you want – just call them to see if they have any room for you.

For anyone looking for ACLS classes that worries about the megacode part of ACLS, don’t. Dr. Khan makes the megacode scenario very stress free, fun, and an excellent learning experience. I will definitely come back!

– Krisette M.

Took this class at KSK Training Center because a nursing school classmate organized it! Since we were a big group we got at group discount rate and then on top of that there was a cash discount. Hey, when you are a poor student every dollar counts. Highly recommend taking your courses here, I didn’t regret my drive from the San Gabriel Valley to Torrance. It’s worth it, because once you take a class here you can come back and attend future sessions for free as a refresher.

The class I took was a PALS. ECG and Pharm Combo class. Though it was a seven hour class, it didn’t feel like it dragged on with the ton of content covered. Dr. Khan is extremely knowledgeable and I appreciate how he made made interpreting ECG’s a breeze. Be warned there are no outlets at the tables so instead of bringing laptops, bring a notebook to take notes in instead.

I was pleasantly surprised that drinks and snacks were provided. Taking the night class the coffee from the Keurig was helpful for my drive back home. What was even more awesome, is that Sylvia ordered our class pizza for dinner!

Extremely hidden from the main road, you go down an small alley to get to a lot with the KSK Training Center on the second floor of the back building. KSK Training Center is a small building.

– Karen C.

Loved this class! Dr. Khan is an amazing TEACHER – he makes things super easy to understand & comprehend. I took the ACLS, EKG, & Pharm combo (plus they offer a $25 BLS renewal if you need it) . Price for this combo of classes is very affordable compared to other classes I’ve found, and it’s all done in 1 day. The best part of this company is that they welcome you back – FOR FREE – to sit in on any class you need a refresher in! How awesome is that?!

I will never go anywhere else for any certification needs! PALS, here I come!

– Merrill P.

Dr. Khan is an amazing instructor! I learned and retained so much from the ACLS, ECG, & Pharm class. I’m about to enter my critical care term in nursing school, and I do feel that this class helped to prepare me.

– Victoria C.

More student testimonials and reviews can be found at our Yelp page!

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