customer-service-thumbnailA self-directed module in developing a culture of service excellence while serving patients, coworkers, guests and customers in healthcare sector

Learning Objectives:

When you finish this module, you will be able to:

• Define a Customer.
• State the Standards of Excellence, comprised of four Core Values & three Supporting Standards.
• Identify signs of customer satisfaction. 
Be able to use the Right words at the Right time during patient and family interactions.
• AIDET-effective use of de-escalation and develop consistency in customer service approach. 
Effective use AIDET in interactions with coworkers, guests, customers and above all in serving patients.
• Understand the benefits of team work in customer service 
Describe the remediation process of service recovery using ACT

Providing compassionate service is the mission of all health care organizations

• Good service only becomes great service when the customer says it is great!
• Consistent high quality service boils down to two (2) things: caring and 
competence (Chip Bell and Ron Zemke, Service Wisdom)
• Good service is not smiling at the customer, but getting the customer to smile at you.

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